Web browsers are applications designed to render the contents of a web page. Available web browsers under Linux include:

Graphical web browsers

Graphical web browsers can be characterized by two parameters: the user interface toolkit (Gtk, Qt, FLTK, or plain X) and the browser engine (typically Gecko, khtml or Webkit). All Gnome programs are based on Gtk, and all KDE programs on Qt.

  • Mozilla Firefox (also known as Iceweasel) – popular browser with Gtk UI and Gecko engine. Version 1 was once praised for ressource efficiency.
  • Konqueror – standard browser of the KDE project, khtml engine.
  • Epiphany – standard browser of the Gnome project, Gecko or Webkit engine.
  • Galeon – Gnome browser for “advanced users”. Uses Gecko.
  • Rekonq – Konqueror variant using Webkit.
  • Chromium – uses Gtk and Webkit; uses several instances of Webkit in order to make the browser more crash-save.
  • Arora – Qt, Webkit
  • Midori – Gtk, Webkit
  • Kazehakase – Gtk, Webkit
  • uzbl – Gtk, Webkit; purpously minimalistic user interface
  • Chimera2 – plain X, custom browser engine
  • Links2 – plain X, custom browser engine
  • Dillo – FLTK, custom browser engine

Text mode web browsers

Historical web browsers

  • kfm (K File Manager) – the predecessor of Konqueror, was the file browser and web browser in KDE 1.0. It depends on a non-free version of Qt that conflicts with its own license, the GPL, and is therefor not redistributable.
  • Netscape Navigator 4 (non-free)
  • Mozilla Navigator 5 (the predecessor of firefox)