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VWorp Linux is a Linux Distrobution based off Ubuntu that is developed by Spring Clan, focusing on the gaming edge of Linux. Created by Edgewurth in 2017 for hope of bringing gamers to an universal distrobution by 2025.


"Throw It Together" Era (2017-2018)

This era was before Spring Clan was founded to provide a couple of software and be a team-name behind several projects. VWorp Linux was first released in 2017 with VDesktop at it's core, a mis-mash of Openbox, Tint2 and more software. It was clearly unprofessional but cleverly made. By Late 2017/Early 2018 - VWorp Nova begun development as an continuation of VWorp Ace. Some screenshots are enclosed of this development era:

VWorp Nova Pre-64 Bit Version

Snapshot 3 (08-01-2019 18-10).png

===The Year of Silence (2019)  === During 2019, no apparent continuation of development except for 2 screenshots were revealed. This reasoning is unknown. The developer on Twitter, had this image as his header for a couple of months:

PR2 Fixed.jpg

The Present (2020 - ?)

On Discord, Edgewurth revealed that he would be continuing development of VWorp through VWorp Oak. This meant VWorp Nova would be cancelled, and Oak put on priority.

Release Schedule

The development versions follow a similar numbering to Ubuntu since 2019. Each version is completed at random dates, and released generally on the 14th or 28th day of a month. Development Versions will follow an approach where it says something such as "Pre-Release 1".

Version Name Ubuntu Base End Of Life Platforms LTS?
1.0 (17.02) Ace 16.04 Feb 2019 x86 No
20.?? Oak 19.04 2025 amd64 Yes