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I thrifted a HP Pavilion dv1000 about a year ago. I had to get a $11 dollar charger for it, but it was worth it: it had Windows 7 Ultimate (activated) on it.

Had to use some recovery thjngs to get into the admin accounts.

I set a power on password for it that it forgot. Currently trying to use Dogbert's tools to get back in.

I'm planning (since the computer's HDD port no longer works, and it's missing the optical drive) to get a $15 dollar Intel 80GB SATA SSD that I found on eBay and a Opticaddy, and I'm gonna put a .iso on the SSD to install a lightweight distro on it since it has a old Intel Centrino, old Intel HD Graphics (that may be failing), and 1GB of ram (half of which I accidentally killed because of static electricity, and now it has only 512MB of alive RAM!)

Just need to find a lightweight distro that won't be discontinued soon.

I tweaked a VM in VirtualBox on another computer to what this HP's specs were to test distros. I liked LXLE the most, but it's Ubuntu based, and the HP is 32-bit. Ubuntu discontinued 32 bit when they released 18.04. Hopefully LXLE will migrate to being based off of another distro. There's so much people that rely on LXLE to power their old and slow 32-bit computers, which LXLE makes them fast again!

Maybe I should start a community project to continue 32-bit Ubuntu for those distros that aim for really old computers like mine!