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Yesterday I was messing with one of my laptops, in fact the only one that has Windows on it. Of course originally it was a Windows 8 lappy so I updated to 10 to see what all the hubub was all about. I hated it from the start, please understand I am not a Linux snob and use Windows 7 on a couple of desktops. I use it to do webmasterng on one and gaming on another, I build my own systems so I choose operating systems to install. One of the advantages of this is you don't end up with bloatware to deal with.

Originally Windows was not such a bad OS and I preferred it to Apple which I messed around with in the day, over the years though Microsoft has simply made one bad decision after another and once they moved over to Win 8 I saw the bottom falling out. So as I was messing around with this Win 10 laptop I felt like I was choking in dripping goo, the GUI (gooey) is confusing and reflects the bad choices Microsoft made with their phone ware. Not to mention, the speed of the laptop was obviously diminished by the needy resource hog that 10 obviously is.

So I toyed with the Idea of replacing Windows 10 with a Linux Distro.


The question is, if I do replace Windows 10, which by the way I won't miss, what distro to use? I have two laptops running Linux MInt most recent version 17, one desktop running KXstudio and another running Manjaro. If you look at my profile page you will see I've used a few distros but these days there are so many to choose from.

I could do what many do and I have done in the past and that's to check out the new and upcoming distros on Distro Watch. I've always found DW to be a very relaible source of information and users make the top ten happen on their site. So there you have it, not a very horrible dilemma but one none the less, I guess this will take some thinking through. One things for sure, at least I'm on the right site to help me make up my mind!

Replacing WIn 10 With Linux

While I think it through and decide,  here is resource video for those of you who have made up your minds already.

Replace Windows with Linux (Full install instructions)
Replace Windows with Linux (Full install instructions)

Coloradofree (talk) 22:54, July 5, 2016 (UTC)

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