And the Winner Is

Debian! I took some time to look at all my choices,(there are sooo many distros) and after some time I decided on Debian. I picked up on ther three DVD install disks and got them in the mail this morning. The install went very smoothly with a minor hitch with the Radeon drivers. A simple rewrite of the source file and updating repository and wahla the firmware was installed with a sudo apt-get and away we go.

The laptop runs much smoother with no lag and graphics are clean. So far Debian is a very nice distro. With the change in OS it's obvious that Windows 10 is a serious resource hog. The HP laptop's bios was bit tricky because they hid the boot file changes in some tricky setup stuff that was obviously created to make it hard for novices to change the operating system from Win 10.

With a little digging I figured it out and the system is now purged of the beast forever!! Let it be known that Linux is the Operating System of the future, Windows beware!

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