Using Linux to Edit the Wiki

I have to say after spending all this time on the wiki, on occasion I do my editing at the local coffee shop. I have several laptops ranging in several screen sizes from net-book to my 17 inch Toshiba and all sizes between. They all have one thing in common, they all have a Linux distro on them.

The smallest of the bunch is a very stout net-book I came across at the thrift store for 20 dollars. Originally it had Windows 7 on it but I already have 7 on two of my desktops and being fond of using Linux on laptops I did some research as to which distro worked well on net-books. It was no surprise, Ubuntu had the highest marks for small screens.

I have Linux Mint on two of them and recently added Debian to my 14 inch HP 2000. I have to admit I'm very fond of my Toshiba Satellite Pro, a beefy laptop with a large screen I purchased on Ebay with no OS. I have an installation of Linux Mint with KXStudio piggybacked on it and I love the combination of audio ware and the standard wares that come with Linux Mint.

This is the laptop of my choice when I edit the wiki, a very fast keyboard with some bounce and screen that's not too bright and easy to look at. I use Firefox for my browser and the wifi response of the system is excellent. So anyhow I was wanting to share this with people seeing that this is a Linux wiki, the fact is that Linux is as capable as Windows if not more, I use both, I can tell you that Linux is a robust and stout Operating System and if you doubt it just pick up a cheap laptop from the thrift store, download your choice of any free distro install it and give it a whirl. If you don't like it there are so many distros to choose from you can just try them until you find one you like. Better yet check out the list of distros on the site and you'll see how the differ.

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