Coloradofree Coloradofree 15 July 2016

Editing With Linux

I have to say after spending all this time on the wiki, on occasion I do my editing at the local coffee shop. I have several laptops ranging in several screen sizes from net-book to my 17 inch Toshiba and all sizes between. They all have one thing in common, they all have a Linux distro on them.

The smallest of the bunch is a very stout net-book I came across at the thrift store for 20 dollars. Originally it had Windows 7 on it but I already have 7 on two of my desktops and being fond of using Linux on laptops I did some research as to which distro worked well on net-books. It was no surprise, Ubuntu had the highest marks for small screens.

I have Linux Mint on two of them and recently added Debian to my 14 inch HP 2000. I have to admit I'm …

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Coloradofree Coloradofree 11 July 2016

Poll: Which of these Distros Have You Used

I decided to have a poll and ask the question above.

If you use more than one, please choose the one you use or have used the most
and leave a comment to let us know what other distros you've used.

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Coloradofree Coloradofree 10 July 2016

Goodbye Windows 10, Hello Debian!

Debian! I took some time to look at all my choices,(there are sooo many distros) and after some time I decided on Debian. I picked up on ther three DVD install disks and got them in the mail this morning. The install went very smoothly with a minor hitch with the Radeon drivers. A simple rewrite of the source file and updating repository and wahla the firmware was installed with a sudo apt-get and away we go.

The laptop runs much smoother with no lag and graphics are clean. So far Debian is a very nice distro. With the change in OS it's obvious that Windows 10 is a serious resource hog. The HP laptop's bios was bit tricky because they hid the boot file changes in some tricky setup stuff that was obviously created to make it hard for novices…

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Coloradofree Coloradofree 5 July 2016

Replace Windows 10 with Linux?

Yesterday I was messing with one of my laptops, in fact the only one that has Windows on it. Of course originally it was a Windows 8 lappy so I updated to 10 to see what all the hubub was all about. I hated it from the start, please understand I am not a Linux snob and use Windows 7 on a couple of desktops. I use it to do webmasterng on one and gaming on another, I build my own systems so I choose operating systems to install. One of the advantages of this is you don't end up with bloatware to deal with.

Originally Windows was not such a bad OS and I preferred it to Apple which I messed around with in the day, over the years though Microsoft has simply made one bad decision after another and once they moved over to Win 8 I saw the bottom fa…

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Coloradofree Coloradofree 15 June 2016

Would Like To Adopt This Blog

Well needless to say I have to admit I've enjoyed working on this Wiki and the others that I'm a member of. In my time spent here I noticed that the admin has been AWOL now for almost over a year and those who have edited are few and far between in the past year. I did notice Venom has recently been active among a very few others.

I love Linux and if you read my profile you will see that I've had long off again on again affaire with it. These days I have been very active in learning to use Linux. I have 4 laptops, each with a different distro on them and 3 desktops with a different distro on them. I do still use Windows but feel it is soon to find an end to it's lifespan and things may change very soon for the Great MS.

Well. back to the ma…

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