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Hi! I'm VenomPhoenix, a simple user who likes Linux. If you're wondering why Linux is great there is many reasons but I will show you 3 major reasons.

1.) Linux is invulnerable to viruses and malware

In a nutshell, Linux kernel is more secure and invulnerable to Viruses and Malware, unlike Windows you need to buy a Antivirus that worth a money for a Pro version to protect your System. Most of the repositories in every Linux distributions are came from trusted sources. 

2.) Used by 99% Super Computers

Many major Companies like Google, use Super Computer running Linux to operate with the Servers and database.

3.) Freedom to Use, Freedom for everyone!

Linux is Free and Open-Source, which everyone can collaborate and share their work to everyone. Collaborating with everyone means You and everyone can be a team to work together as a Company.

Those are 3 Major reasons why you should worth trying Linux. 

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Thank you for reading and enjoy being a Developer and a User to Linux. \(^~^)/

No Tux were harmed in this paragraph.

sudo apt-get install linux-kernel && update 


Asking something? feel free to drop in my Talk Page and I answer your questions.

Recommended Linux Distribution

If you're type of user who migrates to Linux. I recommended the list of Linux Disrtribution suits you.

  • Ubuntu (Starter Distro)
  • Arch Linux (Advance distro)
  • Debian (Personal Server use)
  • Fedora (Enterprise use)
  • Puppy Linux (Lightweight distro)