Linux Wiki
  • I love LINUX. Mainly Ubuntu and my custom distros that I make for myself using programs like Cubic and openSUSE Build Service.
  • I flashed coreboot, which is a custom UEFI firmware to my ASUS Chromebox CN60 just to run Ubuntu. It runs amazing on 20.04! I got it from MrChromebox [1], which they have some useful scripts to get other firmware or OSes on Chrome OS devices.
  • My main laptop (ASUS VivoBook E203N) has Linux and Windows on it. It has Windows 10, and I use it for playing Roblox. Linux doesn't have Roblox yet! I also use it for gaming in general, and have Malwarebytes (and Malwarebytes AdwCleaner) on it. I also have Python to code stuff with! (update: this laptop now dual boots Windows 10 and Ubuntu 20.04 LTS - ubuntu's heavily customized!)
  • I've been trying to revive a old HP Pavilion dv1000 (not the special edition!) that I forgot the power-on password that I set on it by using dogbert[2]'s BIOS/UEFI firmware password gen script to try and find a hard coded password in it so I can unlock it and install Lubuntu on it. (update: took the laptop apart to remove the CMOS battery to clear the password, and upgraded ram to 1.5GB, soon I'll put an SSD in it! I’m also planning to put Debian, Puppy Linux, or antiX on it.)
  • My username is NERFJolts because I originally joined FANDOM on the NERF Wiki.