Icon-none.png Ttylinux
2001 (edit)
Version: 16.1 (edit)
Release Date: May 29, 2013 (edit)
Next Release: unknown (edit)
Platform(s): i486, i686, x86-64, ARM, MIPS, PowerPC (edit)
Packaging: ttylinux pacman (edit)
Interface(s): Bash shell (edit)
Derivative of: Independent (edit)
Home Page: (edit)

ttylinux, as of September 2015, has been discontinued until a new maintainer comes forward. The home page no longer exists.

ttylinux pc-i486 is a very small Linux distribution based on a 2.6 kernel. For installation, it requires only 12 MB of disk space and 32 MB of RAM. It has no GUI, but does have a text-mode web browser and ssh server.

There are several other ttylinux variants: pc-i686, pc-x86_64, virtio-i486, virtio-i686, virtio-x86_64, and even for BeagleBone and Mac G4.

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