slapt-get is an APT-like system for Slackware package management.

It tries to emulate Debian's apt-get as closely as possible.


  • uses native Slackware tools (installpkg, upgradepkg, and removepkg)
  • supports multiple package sources (including
  • cache data concerning packages and updates from package sources
  • supports sources from ftp, ftps, http, https, file:/// and more (libcurl)
  • resumes broken downloads and will verify package integrity with MD5 checksum
  • show packages that are available (from cached data) and installed
  • search package listing using POSIX and extended regular expressions by package name, location, and description
  • retrieve, install, and remove packages by name or by specific version
  • retrieve and apply updates
  • upgrade from one Slackware release to another in a few simple steps
  • show description of packages, including mirror location, version, size, dependencies (where available, see FAQ), conflicts (where available, see FAQ), suggestions (where available, see FAQ), description, and installation status
  • exclude (hold) packages from upgrades, by name or by regular expression
  • transaction engine for install, remove, and upgrades, reporting concise information on what is to be done, ensuring each step happens correctly
  • "compare package version" algorithm to prevent downgrades
  • recursive dependency resolution using slack-required meta-data (see FAQ) supporting hard, soft, and conditional dependencies
  • package conflict resolution using slack-conflicts meta-data (see FAQ)
  • package suggestion support for complimentary packages (see FAQ)
  • Package data download robustness, only writing changes if all sources download successfully as well as only downloading those sources that have changed since the last download
  • i18n support via GNU gettext with over 14 language translations
  • extremely fast and easy to script with


 $ slapt-get --update
 Retrieving package data ...Done
 Retrieving patch list ...Done
 Retrieving checksum list ...Done
 Reading Package Lists...Done
 Retrieving package data ...Cached
 Retrieving patch list ...Cached
 Retrieving checksum list ...Cached
 Reading Package Lists...Done
 $ slapt-get --upgrade
 Reading Package Lists... Done
 The following packages have been EXCLUDED:
   devs kernel-headers
 The following packages will be upgraded:
   binutils bash bin bind cdrtools bzip2 kbd cups cxxlibs e2fsprogs etc gawk gcc gdb inetd infozip less links
   logrotate lynx man man-pages openssh openssl openssl-solibs pidentd pkgtools procps sed shadow slocate
   sysklogd sysvinit tar tcpip util-linux vim wget zlib
 39 upgraded, 0 newly installed, 0 to remove and 2 not upgraded.
 Need to get 36710K of archives.
 After unpacking 17880K of additional disk space will be used.
 Do you want to continue? [y/N]
 $ slapt-get --show slapt-get
 Package Name: slapt-get
 Package Mirror:
 Package Location: .
 Package Version: 0.9.9f-i386-1
 Package Size: 147 K
 Package Installed Size: 530 K
 Package Required:   curl >= 7.12.0-i486-1,glibc-solibs >= 2.3.2-i486-7,binutils,openssl >= 0.9.7d-i486-1,pkgtools,zlib
 Package Conflicts:
 Package Suggests:
 Package MD5 Sum:  cb4b44cbb4efee4e993109231b107828
 Package Description:
 slapt-get: slapt-get (APT like system for Slackware)
 slapt-get: slapt-get is an APT like system for Slackware package management.
 slapt-get:  * See /usr/doc/slapt-get-0.9.9f/ for complete documentation.
 slapt-get:  * You will also want to customize /etc/slapt-get/slapt-getrc,
 slapt-get:    using a local mirror. may be very busy.
 slapt-get:  * Support:
 slapt-get:  * Please translate
 slapt-get:    then send to
 Package Installed: yes

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