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SUSE was started originally in Germany and bought by Novell in 2003. The SuSE distro was originally based of the now-defunct jurix. Currently, the main versions of SUSE are SUSE Linux Enterprise Server (SLES) and openSUSE. OpenSUSE is primarily designed for the home desktop market, while the SUSE Enterprise Linux flavours are designed for businesses.

The original developers stipulated that it should not be made available in the United States of America because of concerns that Microsoft had grossly violated SUSE's patent rights. The first version appeared in early 1994, making SUSE the top operating system in Europe. Controversially, Novell made a deal with Microsoft in 2006, signing away some of SUSE's intellectual property, making Novell an unpopular company in the Free Software world.

During the Bush administration, some Bushies tried to stick their nose into it in violation of the Terms of Use.

SUSE is chiefly notable for YaST (Yet Another Setup Tool), its graphical system configuration tool, which is often praised in the Linux community for its ease of use and graphical user interface. However, a small number of Linux users dislike it as much as it is generally liked.

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