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Red Hat Enterprise Linux (RHEL) is a Linux distribution, developed by Red Hat and designed for the business market, following the Red Hat Linux distribution. Although Red Hat Enterprise Linux is predominately a commercial product, a no-cost, self-supported subscription for development purposes is also available.[1]

Red Hat Enterprise Linux includes the GNOME desktop environment for "Server with GUI" and "Workstation" installations.

The Red Hat Enterprise Linux installer allows the operating system to be installed on XFS-, ext4-, ext3-, or ext2-formatted partitions.

Red Hat Enterprise Linux packages are created in the .rpm file format.[2] Red Hat Enterprise Linux uses DNF (an RPM front-end)[3] for traditional package management with dependency resolution; Flatpak is also included as part of the default package set for "Server with GUI" and "Workstation" installations of Red Hat Enterprise Linux. Several third-party repositories exist which provide software not included by Red Hat.




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