Installing fonts in Puppy

If you want to display and work in non-latin character sets, you will need to install some suitable fonts.

A guide to available free and open-source fonts is available here:

Puppy's main fonts directory is /usr/share/fonts. You can install fonts to this directory by copying or linking. As fonts can take up a lot of room, creating links to external files can be a good idea. (External files = files stored outside of the pup_save.2fs file.)

For viewing Chinese characters in Firefox, Seamonkey etc, download wqy-bitmapfont-pcf-0.9.9-0.tar.gz from and install to /usr/share/fonts. Just copy or link the whole directory there.

Note that there are instructions elsewhere to install this font to a different location. This appears only to work in Puppy 2. The location given above works in other versions as well.

There is provision for a .fonts folder in your home directory. This is a hidden folder and you'll need to click on the eye icon in order to see it. If it doesn't already exist, you can create it. You can install fonts or else link fonts there as well. However, installing fonts to that directory in Puppy 2.17 has been known to corrupt the pup_save file. It may be more useful to make the .fonts folder a link to /usr/share/fonts, which makes access to the latter a bit quicker.

Multi-Lingual Puppy

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