PersonalityOS is a family/series of an Operating System made in Suse Studio.

PersonalityOS (First Generation) (2016-2017)


Personality 1.0 is a graphical personal computer operating environment developed by a 11 year old boy.Personality 1.0 was released on March 26, 2016, as the first version of the Personality line.

Personality 1.0 was discontinued in March 26, 2016 in GMT (20.55)


Personality 2.0 is same as 1.0 but with minor updates

It was also discontinued same day when it was released

Personality 2.1

Personality 2.1 is an update version.

It mainstream support ended March 27,2016.

Extended support will end in April 1,2016

Personality 2016 Edition

A newer version of PersonalityOS this one has more things to do than normally this was cloned from NewtOS and this version is no longer supported.

Personality Doors

Latest know version of PersonalityOS, It uses same GUI as Personality 1.0.

Personality Doors 32x

Personality Doors 32x is same as Personality Doors but this one is 32 Bit

Due to problems the project was halted.

Personality Neptune Edition

This version is the real deal it will be launched 8,April 2016

Personality Operating System ONE

This Operating System is bundled with GNOME 3.

PersonalityOS (Second Generation) (2017-onwards)

Personality 1.0 (Watermelon)

Personality 1.0 (Codename: Watermelon) is a new Personality Operating System created in 2017. it replaced the first generation. This operating system is capable of doing business and home use.

Personality 2.0 (Helsinki)

Personality 2.0 (Codename: Helsinki) is an upcoming Personality Operating system to be launched in end of September. It will be the replacement to Personality 1.0 (Though the updates for Personality 1.0 are still available) It will be Family edition.

Personality Doors (3.0)

Personality Doors (3.0) is a planned Operating system. it will be based from Personality 2.0 and with graphic fixes. It will have 3 versions. listed below...

Edition Version Released Support Ended Status
Home 3.0.0 - - Planned
Hybrid 3.1.7 - - Planned
Business 3.1.8 - - Planned

Little Facts

Fact 1#: The logo of Personality was designed from Windows 9x logo

Fact 2# Personality 2016 is designed from Windows95

Fact 3# The Designer of the Personality wrote this page

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