Peppermint-icon Peppermint OS
2010 (edit)
Version: Peppermint Six (edit)
Release Date: May 31, 2015 (edit)
Next Release: Unknown (edit)
Platform(s): i386 (edit)
Packaging: DEB (edit)
Interface(s): Openbox (edit)
Derivative of: Ubuntu, Debian (edit)
Home Page: (edit)

Peppermint OS is a Lubuntu-based Linux distribution that aims to be lightning fast and easy on system resources. By employing Mozilla's Prism technology Peppermint integrates seamlessly with Cloud and web-based applications. The distribution's other features include automatic updates, easy step-by-step installation, sleek and user-friendly interface, and increased mobility by integrating directly with Cloud-based applications.


Peppermint OS ships with relatively few native apps, being one of the most popular linux distributions to integrate with cloud applications. It ships with the LXDE desktop environment, providing users with a standard traditional desktop.

Peppermint OS has been described as "Linux's answer to the Chromebook."

Despite its goal of integrating the cloud with the desktop, native applications can easily be installed.

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