Open Source Software ( Linux ) is peer reviewed by the public and is considered more secure than Closed Source Software ( Windows ), which is only reviewed by the company that created it.

Linux is user-friendly, free to use, share, modify and re-distribute indefinitely.

China is realizing these benefits by adapting to this changing technology landscape and standardizing on Linux. This gives China a significant advantage in security, education, healthcare and mostly ends their financial dependence on foreign software. The city of Munich has already saved over 14 million USD by switching over to Linux. Big organizations like IBM, Google, Wikipedia and Facebook already use Linux.

The flexibility to change the source code gives Linux the single most important advantage in that our own local engineers can mold it as per the requirements of the application.

The source code of Microsoft Office and Windows is not available to the our students. Students using LibreOffice and Linux will gain an edge on us as their sources can be freely studied, improved and shared.

The use of Open Source Software in government and education is recommended.

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