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Firefox on Centos 7

Mozilla Firefox is one of the most popular open source web browsers, included by default in most Linux distributions. It's main draws are its power and flexibility, both through altering its userChrome.css and by changing its about:config options., as well as by making an unrivalled number of extensions available to install.



The Firemonger Project is a Spread Firefox project, which provides a way for anyone to give Firefox and Thunderbird to their friends and family, on an easy to use CD. The CD contains the installers for Firefox and Thunderbird, along with a selection of some of the best themes, plugins, extensions and utilities for these two free programs. Users are guided through the installation and have the opportunity to read Firemongers easy to understand quick-start guides, as well as install extras such as themes and extensions. Although we are aimed at novice and intermediate computer users, advanced users often find Firemonger is an easy way of installing Firefox on multiple computers so its great for everyone!


Swiftfox is Firefox with a few key differences -- it's compiled with optimised flags for various CPU architectures, and it drops some of the more recent bulk -- such as the depedencies on the Pango libraries (used in part for international font rendering).


Iceweasel is Firefox rebranded by the Debian project in order to enable it to comply with their strict standards of Open-Source software. Because of this, Debian and some other related distributions do not include Firefox in their official repositories, but instead replace it with Iceweasel.

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