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Mandriva-icon.png Mandriva
Mandriva Linux.png
Founded in 1998 (22 years ago), discounted in 2015 (5 years ago). (edit)
Version: 2011 (9 years ago) (edit)
Release Date: 28 August 2011 (edit)
Next Release: n/a (edit)
Platform(s): i386, AMD64 (edit)
Packaging: RPM (urpmi) (edit)
Interface(s): KDE, GNOME (edit)
Derivative of: Independent (edit)
Home Page: (not working) (edit)

Mandriva Linux is a french distribution. Formely known as MandrakeLinux or Mandrake Linux.

The last release is a Mandriva 2011, not official version, maked by russian ROSA Linux developers. Most developers who were laid off went to Mageia. Later on, the remaining developers teamed up with community members and formed OpenMandriva, a continuation of Mandriva.

Name history

In February 2004, MandrakeSoft lost a court case against Hearst Corporation, owners of King Features Syndicate. Hearst contended that MandrakeSoft infringed upon King Features' trademarked character Mandrake the Magician.

In 2005, the new Mandriva name formed by joining the brasilian company Conectiva.


Only by UNetBootin.


  • OpenMandriva Lx - the fork of ROSA Linux (and ROSA is fork of Mandriva).
  • Mageia is too french fork of Mandriva.
  • PCLinuxOS - initially derived from Mandrake

Free Versions

  • Mandriva Linux Free (4CD or 1 DVD)
  • Mandriva One (1CD) which contains some non-free drivers. It is a good choice for a beginner.


  • Mandriva Powerpack 2008.1 with KDE 3.5, Mandriva Powerpack 2009.1 with KDE 4.2

End of project

This company was discounted in 2015 due to bankruptcy.

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