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Although the distro box that has been in use on the wiki is well-made and was part of a larger effort to link all distros to one page; the nature of the existing distro infobox has created multiple pages with one-word entries. Seeing that the nature of a wiki is similar to a data base, this is a vast waste of space.

The new distro box allows for data to be entered on the page it is intended for and still allows for linking to existing, and future pages.


  • If you wish to help with this project, first please go to the new distro box page and read the documentation.
  • If you feel comfortable with continuing, you can do one of two things.
  1. Go to Replace Distro Box category check where the tagging has left off then go to distros and add the tag {{Needbox}} to pages with out it.
  2. Go to Replace Distro Box category page for a list of pages to be edited. The tagging of distros is a work in progress, so please realize this list will grow before this project is complete.


The code for the new distro box is as follows

Use This code on your distro page.

Copy and Paste This Code:
|caption1=this is an example caption
|founded=    Example
|version=    Example
|platform=   Example
|packaging=  Example
|interface=  Example
|derivative= Example
|status=     Example
|website=    Example

This will result in a cleaner look and remove the need for countless pages of one word entries.


For an example of appearance and more details please go to the new templates documentation page.

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