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Linux Wiki Founded: As far as we can surmise, the wiki was founded in 2004 by Urbieta. After some time Urbieta disappeared from the scene and the wiki was adopted by several people over the years. The most recent flurry of activity on the wiki ended in 2015. As far as we know there are still five admin aside from the new one, but they have been inactive for a while.


Giving Kudos where they belong. Despite the inactivity that fell on the wiki we know that people made great efforts to keep it going, one of those people was Wikia co-founder Angela Beesley. From several communications on admin talk pages we know she was instrumental in helping this wiki stay afloat.

Other Admins and Sysops along the way have been instrumental in a lot of the scripting, template creation and work editing on Linux Wiki and it's sister site The Mausoleum aka Deadlinux Wiki.

  • Darrelljon: Is an admin who's involvement with the wiki goes back to 2006 and has also been very instrumental in keeping Linux Wiki going. He was approached by Rieke Hain a former Wikia Community Manager to become an admin in 2007. Darrelljon's involvement with the wiki ran until 2012 and has 1,335 edits. Darrelljon still retains admin status.
  • Inclusivedisjunction AKA Jordan: Jordan's involvement with the wiki starts in 2008 and ran until 2013, instrumental in a lrge portion of the site Jordan has 3,103 edits to his credit ranging from template creation to multiple pages. Jordan was approached by Angela in 2008 and was made an admin by her. He remains an admin to date.
  • I am not me is the last known admin who's history started in 2009 but stopped until 2014 and started again when he became very active. I am not me was given admin rights in 2014 by LK907. I am not me has 861 edits. Last communication, I expressed an open invitation to IANM to continue helping the Wiki.
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