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iPodLinux is a µClinux-based Linux distribution "free-running" targeted specifically to run on Apple Inc.'s iPods. Besides the kernel, iPodLinux features as a primary component podzilla and podzilla2, applications which provide:

  • An iPod-like interface
  • Video playback with sound
  • Support for AAC, MP3 and basic OGG playback (4G & 5G Music Player Daemon is malfunctional, but can be fixed).
  • Many games, including TuxChess, Bluecube (Tetris clone), Chopper, StepMania (a Dance Dance Revolution clone) and more.[1]
  • Recording through audio jack at much higher quality than Apple's firmware
  • Ability to play the games Doom and Doom II (and presumably any Doom Total Conversion; Chex Quest for instance), as well as games for the Nintendo Game Boy (with appropriate add-on software, for instance iBoy) and Game Boy Advance (this is unstable and in Beta stages)
  • Color scheme support
  • Many emulators, such as iBoy (Gameboy Emulator), iNES (Nintendo Entertainment System Emulator), iDarcNES (port of the multiple system emulator DarcNES), and iGPSP (Game Boy Advance emulator).
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