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Icon-none Foresight
2005 (edit)
Version: 2.5.0 (edit)
Release Date: March 28, 2011 (edit)
Next Release: unknown (edit)
Platform(s): x86, x86-64 (edit)
Packaging: Conary (edit)
Interface(s): GNOME. KDE (edit)
Derivative of: rPath (edit)
Home Page: (edit)

Foresight Linux is a Distribution which showcases the latest and greatest version of the GNOME Desktop Environment. Foresight includes some of the more innovative and new software being built for Linux today, including beagle , f-spot , avahi (zeroconf), and the latest hal . All of this is included in the default installation, plus a nice, clean default theme and artwork.

Foresight is one of many distributions that is put together using rPath rBuilder which allows you to build an operating system fairly easily.

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