Desura is a digital distribution platform that is coming soon to Linux. It is important primarily as a plausible source of future growth in a market dominated by Valve's Steam platform (Steam does support Linux). However, Scott Reismanis, the founder of DesuraNET does not consider it a competitor, but rather attempt to address a different segment of the market. Content hosted on Desura primarily falls into the category of indie games, games by small developers who do not have the name to negotiate deals with Steam and Valve's policies. It believes its tighter links to a dedicated community will foster better relationships between player and developer.

Desura is highly tied to the Mod DB community, as both are run by the same company. Thus, unlike Steam, Desura offers its content distribution features for mods of games as one of its highlighted features.

Near its launch, it publicized itself by offering free keys for games to augment the purchases of the same games made through the 2nd Humble Indie Bundle.

A Linux client is currently under development using wxWidgets and GTK+ as the toolkit.


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