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Icon-none.png ConnochaetOS
2008. (edit)
Version: Template:ConnochaetOS/current version (edit)
Release Date: 2008 (edit)
Next Release: Template:ConnochaetOS/next release (edit)
Platform(s): I586 (edit)
Packaging: Template:ConnochaetOS/packager (edit)
Interface(s): Template:ConnochaetOS/desktop (edit)
Derivative of: Slackware,Arch Linux (edit)
Home Page: Template:ConnochaetOS/website (edit)

ConnochaetOS, formerly called Desktop Light Linux (or briefly DeLi Linux), is a GNU/Linux distribution for old PCs.


ConnochaetOS uses the Linux- kernel. In addition, the standard package includes Xorg-Server 1.9.2, LXDE work environment, XXXTerm Web browser. As office applications, as before, Abiword and Gnumeric are used.

As a package manager, as in DeLi-0.8, pacman (Arch Linux package manager) is used.