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bash is short for Bourne Again SHell. It is one of the common Unix shells and the default shell for Linux. It is a simple programming language with choices, loops, function definitions making it suitable for various automated operating system tasks.

Example basic commands

command meaning
apropos topic you need a command, but don't have a name and therefore want to list all commands who have topic in their description
cd path change current directory to path
cd .. change current directory to parent directory
ls list all files in current directory
ls *.u8 list all files matching pattern '*.u8' in current directory, for example 'log.u8', 'trash.u8', 'old.u8'
man topic you know the name of a command, but not how to use it and therefore want to examine its manual
mv name.txt newname.log move the file named name.txt to newname.log
rm trash.txt remove the file named trash.txt



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