The most recent release of antiX (antiX 17.1 codenamed Heather Heyer) runs a 4.9.87 kernel on i486 and x86_64 machines. It features the Mtpaint graphics editor, Dillo, Links2, Leafpad, Nano, Gftp, Irssi, Newsbeuter RSS reader, rTorrent, Flash, Xmms, Geany, Rox-filer, and Fluxbox.

If you would like install antiX to your hard drive run the minstall antiX installer. This is a breeze - now that old PCs will have a new life and an multimedia happy internet connected platform complete with office essentials. Now you're ready to grab a few goodies that where left out using the Synaptic graphical package manager also provided like Inkscape for SVG drawings or perhaps IDLE (Python IDE - Python 2.4 is already installed).

For those who wish to have more control over what to install, an antiX-base.iso is available at 265MB. This can be very quickly and easily installed and sets you up into a Fluxbox desktop and little else!

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